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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my floors cost?

It depends on the area and the type of the flooring for your project.

What's the estimated time for preperation and installation?

For preperations and installations, we cannot estimate a time without calculating the area and the type of epoxy so contact us with more details and we can provide an exact timeline.

How durable are the floors?

Our floors are durable depending on the type of coating and application. This primarily depends on your project so we recommend to contact us and provide some more details in order for us to give you an accurate answer.

What kind of design options do you offer?

Our design options vary on the type of coating and application. Feel free to find your own designs and we can discuss your ideal floor design during your free consultation call.

I have a question about financing or pricing.

Please Click Here to read more about our Financing and Pricing options. If your project has extenuating circumstances, get in touch with us and with more project details.

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